“A multitude of vivid images, in which young women, as flexible as liana, and athletic young men perform dance episodes with outstanding virtuosity.”

Le Figaro

“Mesmerising … after seeing it, you’ll want to book a one-way ticket to Rio.”

The Daily Telegraph

“The 15-strong band is terrific, as are the 30 engaging dancers …”

The Sunday Times

“Infectious is not a word you can overuse when it comes to describing Brasil Brasileiro. You won´t see any better than Brasil Brasileiro.”

Evening Standard

“By the end the audience are up on their feet.”

The Guardian

“A feast of feelgood dancing … a show that goes straight for the heart …”


“… the hottest, most explosive, most unmissable show in town …”

Sunday Express

All the exuberance and energy of Brazil in a sensational stage show

Following a tremendously successful series of acclaimed performances in London and Paris, Brasil Brasileiro has just set off to seize the world´s renowned stages and to win the hearts of international audiences. Virtually sparkling with a contagious zest for life, Brasil Brasileiro brings alive the spirit that makes Brazil so unique: samba! Far more than just a dance, samba is the paragon of an incomparable sense of life, a country´s voice, the pulse of an entire nation.

With ardent passion and boisterous wit, a superb ensemble of 38 dancers, live-musicians and singers takes the audience on a musical and dancing voyage of discovery through genuine Brazil, carrying its ineffable sense of life in all its facets. “Infectious! You won´t see any better than Brasil Brasileiro”, the Evening Standard raved about the show´s premiere in London, while the Sunday Express rejoiced: “… the hottest, most explosive, most unmissable show in town …”.

From its traditional beginnings as a ritual folk dance via its meaning as a form of song improvisation through to the modern samba of the legendary street carnival in Rio de Janeiro: To this day, samba embodies the real Brazil as one of the biggest ambassadors of Brazilian culture, not only representing more than 100 different styles of dance, music and song, but epitomizing a nation´s mindset.

Whether sensual moves, swift step sequences or the vigorous, distinctive rhythm of South America: Brasil Brasileiro, a mise-en-scène of world-acclaimed stage director Claudio Segovia, is a pure and empathetic homage to true Brazil and the cultural roots of its very own identity.